Technical Leadership Training

Your Leaders Are Right Under Your Nose

There’s no question about it.  When it comes to creating a successful technical organization, it’s impossible without first creating successful technical teams.

But one often overlooked component of a successful technical team is the leadership found within that team.  Effective leadership is critical to the success of your technical team as well as your entire organization.

Think about your favorite sports team – and specifically the times when they’ve experienced success.  You’ll undoubtedly find an abundance of leaders throughout the organization.

You most likely picture the coach and the star player as team leaders.  And there’s no question they must exhibit leadership for the team to succeed.

But in every case, there is an entire organization behind that successful team.

There are leaders in the financial departments assuring the team has the monetary resources to be successful, leaders in the personnel department working to assemble the best team possible, and even different leaders within the team itself.

How Does This Relate to You?

Much as your favorite sports team is made up of a cross-section of contributors, so it also is with your technical teams as well as your entire organization.

To be successful, your organization obviously must possess great technical talent.  But without great financial and personnel talent, the technical talent cannot be assembled.

It’s our experience that successful, technically-focused organizations – and their project teams –  utilize all of these talents.  That means leveraging employees with expertise in engineering, scientific, budgeting and accounting, marketing, regulatory compliance and personnel.

Getting all those talented employees to work together requires leadership.

And a healthy organization is constantly training and mentoring new leaders.  That’s because just like a sports team, your teams will lose leaders through retirement, promotion, transfer, or temporary loss.

Therefore, it’s critical you constantly work to develop your organizational and team leaders.

We Can Help You Groom Leaders

We believe a leader is defined as someone who establishes direction for a team or an organization.  Someone who aligns seemingly disparate goals, motivates team members to achieve common goals, and inspires others to strive for excellence.

Using these characteristics as a guide, a leader must possess two overall capabilities.  First, the leader must be able to convert a vision to a defined set of actionable, measurable goals.  Second, the leader must be able to communicate those goals to the larger group thereby motivating them to action.

The important thing to realize is these characteristics are NOT genetic.  Each and every person has the capability of learning leadership skills.  And we are committed to providing your technical teams and organization with that opportunity.

How We Build Leaders

To do that, our technical leadership training starts with these two capabilities.  We provide them with the tools to improve their individual capabilities in these two critical leadership areas.

Then we allow them to practice these new skills in a non-threatening environment.

Whether through formal classes or personal coaching, our technical leadership training can provide your organization or individual team members with proven techniques to become goal oriented, results oriented, and action oriented.  While simultaneously building team cohesion.

Your leaders will learn tricks for setting priorities and overcoming procrastination, as well as dealing with the inevitable adversity the real world brings.  Once mastered, these skills allow them to face and conquer new challenges and responsibilities with the confidence of a seasoned veteran.

In addition to mastering the techniques of effective goal setting, our team and leadership training program also provides instruction on the other critical leadership component – communication.

Our staff of technical training experts and professional engineers are nationally and internationally recognized for their communication skills.  And their ability to teach those skills.

Further, our cross-cultural communication expertise is integrated throughout our leadership training.

When combined with our presentation and public speaking/media training, you can’t help but successfully communicate your message to your team and your organization.

Contact us here for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We’ll discuss your organization or team’s current leadership, your goals for improving, and strategies for achieving those goals.