Technical Team Training

The Most Powerful Tool You Have

Here’s a challenging thought for you.  The ability for the members of your organization to work together is MORE important than the product you sell or service you provide.

Is this a bold statement?  No doubt.

Is it true?  We contend it is.  And here’s why.

You already know your people are your organization’s most valuable assets.  That’s because the ability to harness your team’s skills and creativity will ultimately determine how well your organization can produce at a consistently high level.

Don’t believe us?

How much is a franchise NFL quarterback, MLB pitcher, NBA guard, NHL goalie, or UEFA forward worth?

Those players can command high salaries because their skills and creativity are extraordinarily valuable to that team and vital to its success.

Yet how many times have you seen the superstar athlete arrive on the scene only to watch as the team fails to realize its goals?

Sometimes this results from a fading superstar.  But more often, this results from a weak team or organization.

For the same reason, your organizational success, and that of each individual in your organization, depends on the contributions of your entire team.

As a member of a technical team, you know this is true.  That’s because virtually every technical project requires a variety of skills.  Skills as diverse as engineering, scientific, budgeting and accounting, marketing, regulatory compliance and personnel.

Quite honestly, very few people on the planet possess all those different skills.  So much of your work likely involves teams.  And often your team will have people you haven’t had the opportunity to work with.

But when your technical team has been trained to work cohesively as a unit, you have an extraordinarily powerful tool that allows you to outperform other organizations.  Even those organizations that may have other competitive advantages.

It Is More Critical than Ever

We believe the current economic environment, and that which we will be operating in for the foreseeable future, will only serve to emphasize the importance of your technical team’s ability to work together.

Our society is progressing at an increasingly faster pace.  Most organizations, and the individuals within them, will be doing something very different in 25 years than what they are doing now.  At the very least using an extremely different set of tools.

And think about this.  How many individuals in your organization have spent, or will spend, their entire career with you?  Is that number rising or falling as time marches on?

Historical trends show the composition of your technical teams will become increasing volatile due to turnover and changing skillsets.

That’s why quality technical team training, as opposed to standard off-the-shelf team training, will become even more crucial to your personal and organizational success.

How We Can Help You

At IDT Group, combined we have almost a century of working with technical teams.  We have successfully executed every technical team role – from being technical team members, to forming and leading technical teams, to training and facilitating technical teams.

And our list of satisfied clients attests to this experience.  It proves we are uniquely positioned to help you and your organization build the team cohesion necessary to compete in today’s fast-paced market.

The principles you will learn in our technical team training courses are those time-tested concepts we often forget in the daily rush to “do our jobs.”

Sometimes even concepts your technical team members have never been exposed to.  Concepts like group dynamics and individual roles within the larger team structure.

But with a staff that includes technical training experts and professional engineers, our content and instructional methods are uniquely structured and presented so your technical experts will understand AND internalize those concepts.

Further, our experience with technical teams has proven there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all.  Each technical team has a wide variety of contributors, vastly different organizational and cultural backgrounds, and can be anywhere on the team development scale.

So because your needs are unique, we use our team instructional framework to create semi-custom to fully-custom courses for you, your organization, and its teams.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We will discuss your needs, and identify a course of action that will prepare your team and your entire organization for success.