Training Design, Development and Delivery

Our Technical Training Development Process

You undoubtedly know the value of good technical training.  After all, without good technical training it becomes difficult to grow your company’s technical expertise or even replace knowledge lost through attrition.

What you may not have known is how important the training development process is to guaranteeing your training is “good.”  Simply put, without completing all the steps in the training development process, the likelihood of you successfully educating your customers or employees drops dramatically.

The problem arises when these steps, which are standardized across the entire training industry, take too long to complete.  And that is all-too-common when training companies that lack technical training expertise undertake development of a technical training course.

So how do we address every critical step in the training development process while simultaneously ensuring engaging content and a streamlined completion?

Simple – we have a level of technical training expertise your typical training company can’t match.

We apply industry-standard Instructional System Design (ISD) principles filtered through our unique blend of training, technical, marketing, and cross cultural communication expertise.

This allows us to design, develop, and deliver your technical training in a way that engages the participants – thereby increasing their knowledge retention and internalization.

Training Design and Development

For all course design, development, evaluation, and revision activities, our team uses the industry-standard ISD process known as ADDIE.

The ADDIE acronym represents the five defined steps within the standard ISD process: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.


The ADDIE training development process

Because of our blend of technical and training expertise, our ADDIE implementation results in training that is more meaningful to your technically-focused participants and therefore has more value to your organization.

By using our particular ADDIE implementation, you can rest assured the foundational components of your technical training will not be overshadowed by the latest “wiz-bang” technology.  Even if those technologies are incorporated into the actual course.

Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that any training development decision is based upon your realistic and identifiable organizational needs.

Training Delivery

As noted in the figure above, designing and developing effective training courses are just two of the components of a successfully-applied ADDIE process.  We also recognize that delivery – or implementation as it is represented in the figure – is vital to your technical training’s success.

For that reason, we’ve partnered with a wide range of subject matter experts (SMEs).  Together, we are dedicated to meeting your training development needs as well as any training delivery needs you might have.

Each of our SMEs has documented knowledge of WHAT they instruct.  Just as importantly, they possess demonstrable knowledge of HOW to instruct.

And we guarantee that delivery quality by personally observing each of our instructors in the instructional environment.  Alternatively, we also offer a variety of instructor development programs designed for your in-house SMEs.

No matter how you choose to proceed, our goal is to ensure your training participants complete their course with the defined objectives having been accomplished, with the ability to apply what they have learned, and with the desire to continue their learning.

Delivery Logistics

Possessing the technical and instructional expertise to deliver a course is only part of the training delivery equation.  A professional course also requires knowledge of, and the ability to execute, delivery logistics.

This includes understanding delivery contract specifications and the demonstrated ability to meet them.  Tasks such as obtaining appropriate facilities, providing course reminders, supplying course materials on time, and ensuring all follow up materials (evaluations, completion certificates, etc.) arrive may seem trivial.

But if they are not competently completed, a training delivery may be technically accurate yet still leave participants with a poor perception of the course.  Our team has been successfully managing technical training logistics for almost 20 years.

Coupled with our partnership with Meetings Northwest, we can handle your training delivery logistics regardless of the location or size of your training event.  And we will do it with an attention to detail that is unsurpassed within the industry.

So whether you require just a training needs assessment/analysis, assistance with an existing course, a full-blown course design and development project, or course delivery, we stand ready to help you.

Just contact us here today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.  We’ll discuss your needs and determine if, and how, we can help you.