Instructor Development Courses

 Your Instructors are Technical Experts…

But Can They Teach?

Your instructors are the cornerstone of your comprehensive technical training program.  They may be qualified and competent subject matter experts (SMEs).

But their ability to convey that expertise IS the difference between training that is experienced and training that is internalized and applied on the job.

So you can have the best training courses supported by cutting-edge training materials such as on-demand video and interactive participant manuals.

But without a quality instructor, even the best-designed training can fail to engage your participants.

This has always been true.  And it’s even more true today.

That’s because with the increased use of technology solutions such as webinars and on-demand content, an engaging, quality instructor is absolutely necessary to make sure the participants get the most possible from technically-based training.

Fortunately, we can help you develop a cadre of outstanding instructors.  In fact, we guarantee individuals who attend one of IDT Group’s instructor development courses will master the skills necessary to become a valuable member of your training or mentoring team.

Our Suite of Instructor Development Courses

We know there is no single solution that will meet every organization’s instructor development needs.

That’s because no two organizations are exactly the same – you have a unique history, culture, and level of instructional expertise.

Therefore, we have developed a customizable, multi-tiered instructor development course (IDC) framework.

This structure has been specifically designed to build and maintain your entire instructional/mentoring team.  If desired, these courses can feed directly into an established instructor certification program.

Each of our courses use experiential learning techniques.  This allows our IDC instructor to tap into the knowledge and skills that your adult instructors – as IDC participants – possess.

Like any course we develop, our IDCs utilize classic learner-centered techniques and allow the IDC participant to demonstrate their newly developed skills.  By connecting their existing knowledge base with practical application, our courses quickly habituate proper techniques within your SME instructors.

Because your individual and/or organizational needs vary, we offer three distinct levels of IDCs.  Each course requires the IDC participant to demonstrate a predetermined set of competency skills.

Depending on your needs, such as organization-wide content your instructors must know, we can customize each of our courses to meet your specific requirements.

For each course below, just click on the title for a more detailed description, who it’s designed for, and the logistics.  You can then click on the title a second time to hide the details.


Upon completion of this course, the participant is prepared to conduct workshops, team teach, and administer course exams.

This course is directed at instructors who anticipate teaching short technical subjects or assisting a Lead Instructor on more comprehensive courses.

Assistant Instructors will not regularly perform Lead Instructor’s duties, but may be required to occasionally fill in during more comprehensive technical training.  This course provides technical instructors with the skills to properly issue and proctor written and/or proficiency exams for qualification programs.

Our Assistant Instructor Course is 2½ days long and provides an introduction to proper instructional and classroom management techniques.

Upon completion of this course, the participant is prepared to perform all the duties of an Assistant Instructor, plus act as a Lead Instructor for a full course and solo teach portions of a full course.

This course is directed at instructors who anticipate teaching moderately-detailed technical subjects or leading an instructional team on more comprehensive courses.

Lead Instructors will typically teach from a comprehensive set of training materials that have been developed by training professionals.   In addition to covering the material in the Assistant Instructor Course, participants in the Lead Instructor Course learn about teaching styles and adult learning principles.

Our Lead Instructor Course is 3½ days long, and provides the opportunity for each participant to demonstrate the skills they have learned.

Upon completion of this course, the participant is prepared to perform all the duties of a Lead Instructor, plus solo teach a full course and advise/participate in course content development.

This course is directed at instructors who anticipate becoming staff technical advisors for future course development or becoming future Master Trainers.

Besides teaching courses, these instructors will typically help develop a comprehensive set of training materials in conjunction with training professionals and may eventually certify the competency of new instructors.  Our Full Instructor Course is conducted over 4 to 4½ days.

In addition to covering the material in the Lead Instructor Course, participants in the Full Instructor Course are introduced to instructional system design (ISD) concepts.  This provides the knowledge to not only contribute to future course development, but also to develop and implement minor course revisions.

Course Offerings

We schedule these instructor development courses throughout the year.

Or if you’d prefer, we can deliver these courses to you onsite.  This can help extend your training budget and maximize scheduling flexibility by reducing your travel costs and the “dead time” for your IDC participants.

Please contact us here for a free, no-obligation consultation on your instructor training needs.  We can help you identify the best solution for your organization and determine if you may benefit from an instructor certification program as well.